Welcome to myLotus – why is it different?

You’re unique.

So why do other fertility kits assume your ovulation signature is the same as everyone else?

The myLotus fertility monitor shows you


What are people are saying about myLotus?

How does myLotus work?

What people are saying about myLotus

"The my lotus fertility tracker and the team behind it are invaluable, trustworthy, helpful, accurate, simple, easy and the best product out there for helping you ttc.”
Tracey from Salford

"It has really been invaluable to me, not only for having a better idea of what was going on with my cycle but also my mental health as it's given me a little bit more control so I don't feel totally helpless/useless in this whole situation."

Martha from Wales

"the myLotus device is an absolute god-send as it's shown how off we were  with predicting ovulation previously!"

Alison from the UK

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