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myLotus is a new personalised fertility testing and tracking device. It shows what is happening in your body with your fertility hormones, how these change during your cycle and when you are most fertile.

The myLotus app allows you to monitor your fertility and specifically your Luteinising Hormone (LH) levels and how your profile links to ovulation. myLotus provides a unique insight to your fertility journey and helps identify your most fertile days to help speed up your time to a natural pregnancy.

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Dr Larisa Corda and Emma Cannon on new myLotus Fertility Monitor

Dr Larisa Corda - Identify your most fertile days

Dr Larisa Corda - Improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally

Emma Cannon - Understanding your cycle

"I’m very happy with the purchase. It’s really incredibly useful to have a monitor that actually tracks and tells you what your LH levels are. It helped me to successfully identify my LH surge, almost down to the hour! I used several sticks on the day of predicted ovulation to track the LH levels…it perfectly complemented the other methods that I was using to track ovulation and really took the guesswork out of it.”
Mrs R. from London

"My wait... 8 minutes in! It appears that I have a naturally low LH level, below 6 to be exact. Due to my low level, ladies like me don´t normally get a surge on a standard ovulation test. I used to get very stressed by seeing constant negative results, so much so that I gave up using them for self preservation. A low LH is also not an issue either. Hoorah for this little gadget! If you are like me then this might be of help to you."

Bubba Baby (@bubbababy2017)

"myLotus has shown me that I have more than one surge. This was news to me as I thought you were just looking for one surge so I may not have identified my fertile period correctly in the past. myLotus allows you to go on testing your personal hormone levels so you can see a nice graph of what happens throughout your cycle."

M.M. from London

myLotus Fertility Monitor

myLotus Fertility Monitor

The myLotus Fertility Monitor addresses the issue of timing of intercourse in relation to your fertility hormones. myLotus provides a “+” and “-“ fertility test result and a measure of how much Luteinising Hormone (LH) is present in your urine. LH concentration levels increase as your body prepares to ovulate. All women are different and even if your LH base level is above or below the normal range, myLotus provides a measured (quantitative) result which differs from traditional (qualitative) ovulation tests. You can now personally and conveniently test your fertility at home.

myLotus Ovulation Tests

myLotus Ovulation Tests

The myLotus Ovulation test measures the concentration levels of the Luteinising Hormone (LH) in your urine. It is used with the myLotus Fertility Monitor to show your LH surge. The LH surge occurs approximately 24-48 hours prior to ovulation. The day the LH surge is detected and the day after are your two most fertile days in your menstrual cycle. Knowing the exact timing of this “fertility window” will help improve your chances of conception.

myLotus Pregnancy Tests

myLotus Pregnancy Tests

The myLotus Pregnancy Test measures the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG in your urine, the hormone that indicates whether you are pregnant. The myLotus Fertility Monitor will request a pregnancy test, a number of days after your LH surge has been detected, to see if you are pregnant.

myLotus Fertility App

myLotus Fertility App

The myLotus Fertility App is a free downloadable fertility app to track your fertility on your mobile device. The app can be used as a stand alone fertility tracker and works in combination with the myLotus Fertility Monitor to improve your chances of conception. You can monitor your fertility hormone concentration levels, how they change during your monthly cycle and when you are most fertile. The myLotus App allows you to graphically track and view your monthly LH profile and identify your most fertile days.

Trying for a baby?

Planning your pregnancy

When you are planning for a baby and you leave everything to chance, most healthy couples will conceive naturally.

About 70% of women get pregnant within 6 months of trying to conceive.

But there are only a few days in your cycle when you can get pregnant.

Planning your pregnancy

Knowing your most fertile days

Your fertile period lasts about 6 days and ends on the day of ovulation.

The day of your LH surge and the day after are your two most fertile days in your cycle

If you have unprotected sex within your most fertile days you maximise your chances to conceive.

Knowing your most fertile days

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