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The menstrual cycle explained

04 July 2019|

First and foremost what can your Cervical mucus tell you about your cycle? Well, it is fluid that’s released by the cervix into your vagina – and this mucus changes in consistency and volume throughout your menstrual cycle: After ovulation, your cervical mucus will be sticky and thick – to stop sperm (and anything else) [...]

A low cost, natural alternative to IVF

26 April 2019|

'Trading on hope' The recent news from the UK fertility watchdog: HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) around older women being exploited by IVF clinics ‘trading on hope’ raises the issue of IVF suitability for older women based on the low success rates and the high prices associated with what is an invasive [...]

myLotus offers ‘Special Launch’ price at The Fertility Show in London 3-4 November

25 October 2018|

myLotus launches its first product at The Fertility Show in Olympia, London on November  3-4. Women attending the show can exclusively buy a Starter Pack, consisting of 1 Monitor, 3 packs of 20 Ovulation Tests (LH) and 3 packs of 3 Pregnancy Tests (hCG), at the ‘Special Launch’ price of £199 (RSP £349). On [...]

Infertility Bloggers Unite

24 May 2018|

myLotus was pleased to sponsor the ‘Infertility Bloggers Unite’ event (10th May 2018) at the first ever Fertility Fest in London. During the event, bloggers discussed the issues surrounding infertility and the internet, building an online community and also shared their personal experiences trying to conceive. Not Everyone’s Fertility Journey is the Same… The [...]

Positive results in hospital evaluations

15 February 2018|

myLotus was found to show high result correlations to laboratory testing in hospital evaluations in China. Over a 12 week period (August - November 2017) the myLotus ovulation tests and pregnancy urine tests were compared to laboratory blood tests in 2 hospitals in China. 64 women participated in the LH (Luteinising Hormone) ovulation tests and [...]

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